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Vivid entrepreneurship – that’s the opposite of simply having to function. It’s the feeling of starting your day with joy and using this positive energy to drive developments. Yours and those in the company.

Success only is success when it does you good. Only then! That’s where my work as an entrepreneurial coach begins: I support you in developing your own vivid entrepreneurship. Success in business and joie de vivre: both are part of your life – and both deserve to be mutually intensified.

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Vivid Entrepreneurship Vivid Entrepreneurship

Vivid Entrepreneurship

Fulfilling the expectations of others – in business, family and society – that’s how we gain approval and some success. However, in the long run, the constant pressure of having to function saps our strength. It begins to feel more like prison than entrepreneurial freedom.

Why should we accept this? Why not secure the economic success and, at the same time, take steps towards ease, freedom and harmony in all areas of life?

Thanks to my own personal experience and my work as a coach of numerous entrepreneurs, I have learned that everybody has a very reliable inner compass at their disposal. The moment this is found, one has a perfectly clear orientation, which creates a feeling of security and self-confidence. This, in its turn, unleashes the energy necessary to go one’s own individual way.

I will accompany you on this liberating and revitalizing path. With my support, you will not only discover your inner compass and learn how to use it effectively. You will also develop a coherent picture of how your life should look from every aspect, so that you can enjoy it to the full and live in harmony with your personal environment. Almost incidentally, you will overcome inner blockages that in the past have prevented you from taking this healthy path a lot sooner.

In a nutshell: Your company is performing well and you are happy with yourself and with “the world”. While achieving this goal, I will be right at your side.

Company Leadership

Company Leadership

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a chief executive officer or a board member: It is just fantastic to be able to rely 100 percent on your senior management. Not only does it give you a strong backing at the head of the company, you’re also set free. Such a team of leaders allows you to dedicate yourself to precisely those areas where your skills are needed the most and where your passion truly lies.

What do I need to build such a reliable and high-performing leadership team?

  • First of all, you will need to give a clear orientation: Objectives, frameworks, trust, control, feedback.
  • An idea of leadership that is simple and shared by all: Leading is not a privilege. It is a service to the company. Which is to be learned.
  • Thinking is speaking is doing: In respecting that, leaders generate credibility, a basis necessary for people to follow them.
  • The ability to settle disagreements in a way that the results are not signs of victory and defeat, but of appropriate solutions that are really adding value to the company.
  • And finally, constant self-reflection and the willingness to learn: That’s how leaders give an example of what they expect from every member of their team.

To work with such a team is just pure fun! The idea of developing your current team in this direction is not utopian, it’s feasible. How you can succeed, and which steps are necessary to take – let us talk about it!

About Me About Me

Johannes Schmeer

For many years, I felt as if there was a damper over my life, something that limited everything: emotions, inner freedom and personal strength. This wasn’t apparent from an outside perspective. My life went according to plan, I was successful. I was on track. Thus, it was absolutely inexplicable why I suddenly struggled with fears and depression.

But it was exactly this experience that became a turning point in my life. Without it, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am (almost) all the time today. I also regard it as a good thing that I didn’t try to pull myself out of this mess on my own. Because it was more than helpful to always have an expert by my side, someone who gave me reliable and reassuring advice.

There are three roles defining my life today: The entrepreneurial coach & leadership developer, partner of our family business – almost in the fifth generation – and the family man who can always recharge his batteries when at home.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Born in 1964, married, two almost grown up children
  • Banker at Hypo-Bank, Munich 1987
  • Degree in Business Administration („Diplom Kaufmann“) at the Universität Bamberg 1994

Additional Training

  • ROMPC® counselor and coach at ROMPC®-Institut, Kassel 2015
  • Coach for sensorimotor therapy, Dr. Helga Pohl, Starnberg 2014
  • HypnoCoach, Erich Zulauf, Zurich 2010
  • Depth psychology counselor, TTTA, Kassel 2006
  • Systemic organizational consultant, König/Volmer, Paderborn 2002
  • Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, DVNLP, Bad Aibling, 2000
  • Trainer, consultant, coach, Nägele & Partner, Salem 1996

Current clients

Service providers

  • coeno, Munich
  • Höhling Unternehmungen, Flensburg
  • LHI Leasing, Pullach im Isartal
  • strategy&, Düsseldorf
  • TÜV SÜD Chemie Service, Leverkusen
  • URANO Informationssysteme, Bad Kreuznach
  • GEORGI Gruppe, Burbach

Financial service providers

  • Bankhaus Ellwanger & Geiger, Stuttgart
  • KfW-Entwicklungsbank, Frankfurt
  • Volksbank Dreiländereck, Lörrach
  • DSGV Management-Akademie, Bonn
  • German savings bank Sparkasse

Industry & craft sector

  • B. Braun Melsungen, Melsungen
  • Clariant Produkte, Frankfurt
  • E.ON Avacon, Salzgitter
  • Lebenshilfe, Kleve
  • Merck, Darmstadt
  • RLE Rhein-Main, Rüsselsheim
  • Roche Diagnostics, Penzberg
  • Werkstatt für angepasste Arbeit, Düsseldorf
  • WfB Haus Freudenberg, Kleve


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Testimonials Testimonials


  • Hans-Joachim Laufenberg

    Entrepreneur, RLE Group

    Johannes Schmeer has helped me to get out of the treadmill: He showed me how to sharpen my senses in order recognize which issues were actually important. I was also able to further develop my skills, I learned how to position myself better, how to express myself more clearly and in a goal-oriented way, so that I could fulfil my role as a leader.

    Johannes Schmeer has helped me to get out of the treadmill: He showed me how to sharpen my senses in order recognize which issues were actually important. I was also able to further develop my skills, I learned how to position myself better, how to express myself more clearly and in a goal-oriented way, so that I could fulfil my role as a leader.

    The sessions with Johannes Schmeer and my executive team were extremely focused. On the one hand, that led to helpful clarification processes. On the other hand, especially the more dedicated executives developed a stronger commitment to the company.

    Not only is Mr. Schmeer a mastermind, he also is pleasantly calm, focused and kind. He never gets personal. He gives fair feedback and always concentrates on the objectives agreed upon.

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  • Bettina Streit

    Entrepreneur, coeno

    Johannes Schmeer had been our client for ten years, before I decided to hire him as a coach for our company. It wasn’t a very difficult choice: The special way in which Herr Schmeer had been communicating with us during this previous period of collaboration had convinced me already.

    Johannes Schmeer had been our client for ten years, before I decided to hire him as a coach for our company. It wasn’t a very difficult choice: The special way in which Herr Schmeer had been communicating with us during this previous period of collaboration had convinced me already.

    The coaching sessions were very effective, I made a lot of progress in leading my team. It was particularly helpful for me to learn how to better balance between “head and gut” when making decisions. I also manage a lot better now in situations when my team has a completely different idea of things than I do. My leadership has become more consistent and stable. Not only do I benefit from that, my team does too.

    More than once, we have also hired him to sort out conflicts with important high performers. Thanks to Johannes Schmeer, solving those conflicts was surprisingly effective. The agreements made at the time still hold. These clarifications processes benefited the team and myself as well.

    So, what makes his way to coach so “special”? The conversations with him are always very intense, with no empty words or superficial blah blah. Johannes Schmeer questions almost everything and presents new perspectives on familiar situations and people. Now and then, he also talks about his personal life and doesn’t hide behind his role as a coach. In doing so, he encourages me every time to take the next step.

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  • Thomas Schilder

    CEO, WfaA Düsseldorf

    At first, I was against hiring Johannes Schmeer. At that time, I worked as a commercial manager at another company. Luckily, I couldn’t get it my way. Instead, I had the opportunity to experience for the first time how Herr Schmeer manages to break open encrusted and gridlocked structures, all thanks to his particular style.

    At first, I was against hiring Johannes Schmeer. At that time, I worked as a commercial manager at another company. Luckily, I couldn’t get it my way. Instead, I had the opportunity to experience for the first time how Herr Schmeer manages to break open encrusted and gridlocked structures, all thanks to his particular style.

    As chief executive officer of this company it soon became clear that we wanted Johannes Schmeer to get on board, because leadership here previously had been of a very non-binding nature and was characterized by a fair-weather culture. Today, all our executive managers are explicit in what they say, reliable when making agreements, consistent in following up and they make independent and responsible decisions. Discussions with my second level have become straight forward and candid, but at the same time always constructive.

    I particularly appreciate that Johannes Schmeer’s approach is very practical. Concisely he imparts the crucial elements of leadership. While doing that, he combines leadership know-how with current problems from practical experience in a very comprehensive way. He is equipped with a “charming acidness” which he uses to enable people to rethink and reorientate themselves.

    Johannes Schmeer is not only a pleasant person, he also is very authentic, since he clearly conveys only what he truly believes in.

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  • Heiko Manz

    Entrepreneur, Hema-GmbH

    As an entrepreneur, I don’t like being counselled by people that seem to know everything better and then even want to sell me their prefabricated solutions. That’s why I prefer to work with Johannes Schmeer.

    As an entrepreneur, I don’t like being counselled by people that seem to know everything better and then even want to sell me their prefabricated solutions. That’s why I prefer to work with Johannes Schmeer.

    Especially when it comes to very complex issues, he helps me organize my thoughts so that I get a secure feeling for what may be the best solution in my case. His treasure trove of experience from other companies provides me with valuable incentives.

    Furthermore, it means a lot to me to have overcome – in a very peaceable and pleasant manner – some inner barriers that in the past made me stand in my own way sometimes. Every single step towards a better “self-awareness” made everything a little bit easier. Thanks to that, my thinking has become clearer today, I am more courageous in making decisions and more consequent in implementing them.

    While working with Johannes Schmeer, he has proved to be completely trustworthy, he is a good listener and, whenever necessary, tenaciously poses exactly the right questions. His remarks are frank and honest, and that’s why they are so helpful. I hold him in high regard – and I am looking forward to future conversations with him.

    (I changed the name on request of my customer)
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